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Winter cycling headgear: Insulating Hats and under helmet head covers

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Insulating Hats and under-helmet head covers: Louis Garneau Drytex 2000 knit hat

Louis Garneau Drytex 2000 knit hat. New, $25.00

Part# 26068

  • We have two in stock
  • This can be worn as either a simple, insulating cap or an under-helmet head cover. Crafted of Louis Garneau's patented Drytex 2000 fabric, the 2000 Hat wicks moisture and retains heat.

Louis Garneau Drytex cap

Made of a stretchy knit fabric

Louis Garneau knit cap

Side view

Louis Garneau Drytex knit cap

And from behind

Louis Garneau Drytex cap

Here's one of the hangtags

Louis Garneau hangtag

Here's the hang tag flipped over.

Louis Garneau Drytex hangtag

Here's another hang tag with the scoop on the Drytex fabric.

Drytex card

Here's the Drytex 2000 card's other side.