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Winter cycling headgear: Waterproof helmet covers

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Waterproof helmet covers: Louis Garneau H2 yellow | Louis Garneau medium/large in black

Louis Garneau H2 yellow waterproof helmet cover. New, $20.00

We have this cover in:
Small/medium (Part# 24457) 1 in stock
Medium/large (Part# 24454) 5 in stock

The Stopzone fabric blocks wind and rain yet remains breathable for greater comfort.

Louis Garneau helmet cover

Front view

Louis Garneau waterproof helmet cover

From the side

Louis Garneau waterproof helet cover

And from the back

Louis Garneau helmet cover

One of the hang tags with some info

Louis Garneau helmet cover guarentee

The warranty

Louis Garneau medium/large black waterproof helmet cover. New, $20.00

Part# 24449

Louis Garneau waterproof helmet cover

Safer and dryer at the same time

Louis Garneau waterproof helmet cover

Side view

Louis Garneau waterporoof helemt cover

Three-quarter back view

Louis Garneau hang tag

The front of the hang tag

Louis Garneau helmet cover

The back of the hang tag