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Louis Garneau arm warmers

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Louis Garneau arm warmers on this page: Heatmax arm warmers | Matrix arm warmers | X-Large arm warmers

Louis Garneau Heatmaxx arm warmers. New, $30.00/set

We have Heatmaxx arm warmers in (some have different graphics and packaging):

Small (Part# 24794), 2 pair
Medium (Part# 24795), 2 pair
Large (Part# 24796), 2 pair
X-Large (Part# 24798), 2 pair

Louis Garneau Heatmaxx arm warmers

As with all Garneau clothing, these arm warmers are well-designed and well-made.

Louis Garneau Heatmaxx arm warmers

With its factory packaging

Louis Garneau Matrix arm warmers. New, $20.00/set

Part# 24836

  • One size for all riders
  • 90% nylon, 10% Spandex
  • We have five sets in stock

Louis Garneau Matrix arm warmers

Ready to fight the chilly air

Louis Garneau Matrix arm warmers

New, with their header card.

Louis Garneau X-Large arm warmers. New

Part# 24798

  • We have two pair in stock
  • Lycra-Thermo: 87% nylon and 13% elastane. With its brushed back, it retains body heat and allows moisture to escape.

Louis Garneau arm warmers

Made in USA.

Louis Garneau arm warmers

With their header card