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Wool-blend Ciessegi short-sleeve cycling jerseys

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Ciessegi wool-blend short-sleeve jerseys on this page: Medium blue/white

Ciessegi (not to be confused with cycle clothing makers Giessegi or Essegi) was a small firm in the town of Cologno Monzese, just northeast of Milan and south of Monza.

Ciessegi wool-blend medium blue/white short-sleeve jersey. Used, $85.00

  • 80% wool, 20% acrylic
  • Made in the early 1980s.
  • Though well-used, it is still in lovely condition, with just a bit of the stitching between a couple of the pockets having come undone. See third picture.

Ciessegi jersey


Ciessegi jersey


Ciessegi wool jersey

Some of the stitching between the second and third pockets has become partly undone.