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Wool D'Alessandro short-sleeve wool cycling jerseys

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D'Alessandro wool short-sleeve jerseys on this page: Green/White/Red small

D'Alessandro small Green/White/Red short-sleeve 100% wool short sleeve jersey. New, but shopworn, $100.00

  • 100% Marino wool
  • Made in Italy
  • It has a small few moth holes, see pictures below.
  • It is labeled X-Small, but it is bigger than that. We call it a small.

D'Alessandro wool jersey

It is bigger than X-smalls, since it fit on our mannikin. We would judge it closer to a small. The spots on the white portion are moth holes

D'alessandro wool jersey

From the back

D'Alessandro jersey

Here's a close-up of the white panel to show the moth holes

D'Alessandro jersey

And a detail shot showing a little damge to the green panel.