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Cannondale Cycling Sox

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Cannondale cycling sox on this page: Cannondale Ov'r Sox

Cannondale Ov'r Sox. New, $25.00/pair

We have them in these sizes:
Small (2 pair), Part# 25013
Medium (1 pair), Part# 25012
Large (2 pair), Part# 25011

You wear these over your cycling sox and inside your cycling shoes. With its Triad membrane breathable inner layer, these Ov'r sox are windproof and waterproof. They will keep your feet warm and dry.

These are perfect for those days when booties would be too warm

Cannondale-Ov'r sox

It's wonderful that there is so much technical clothing that makes riding comfortable these days.

Cannondale Ov-r sox

From the other side

Cannondale Ov'r Sox header card

The back of the header card with more technical information

Cannondale Ovr sox header card

Front of the header card.