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Time Peak TMT ATB Shoes

On this page: Time Peak ATB Shoes, Size: 39 | 40

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The first practical clipless pedal was the Look, invented by Jean Beyl. Those early 1980s pedals were immensely popular, but they did not allow the foot to rotate, or "float". Some riders, especially if their cleats were incorrectly mounted, suffered knee problems.

It was Beyl who discovered that allowing the foot to rotate a bit through the stroke both improved performance and reduced knee injuries. Beyl was unable to convince Look to change their pedal design to allow the foot to float to its natural orientation throughout the stroke. Beyl knew he was right and left Look in the late 1980s to start his own firm, "Time Sport".

Time expanded and developed their line, eventually including ATB shoes.

Time Peak TMT, Size 39, Black/Grey. $154.95

Part# 22227

Time Peak ATB cycling shoes

Time Peak TMT, Size 40, Black/Grey. $154.95

Part# 22235

We have four pair in this size

Time Peak ATB cycling shoes size 40