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Carnac Riviera Women's-Specific Road Shoes

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Carnac began making non-cycling shoes in 1949, but soon transitioned to specializing in high-end, hand-made cycling shoes. The small firm, headquartered in the small town of Gesté, near the west coast of France, eventually became one of the premier makers of professional-quality cycling shoes. Riders such as Greg LeMond, George Hincapie, Didier Rous and Christophe Moreau raced and won wearing Carnacs.

Carnac shoes have a roomy toe box.

These shoes were made on Carnac's Women's-Specific lasts. Typically, a woman's foot is narrower at the heel and is lower in volume. You want your cycling shoe to hug the back of your foot so that your foot doesn't slip and move around during the pedal stroke. If you have had trouble with cycling shoe made on a standard last, consider a shoe made on a women's last

Two non-stretch fiberglass velcro closure straps give a secure, snug fit.

The shoes are compatible with Look, SPD and SPD-R.

Carnac Riviera women's-specific, Size 36, Grey. $179.99

Part# 22994

Carnac riviera size 36

Carnac Riviera women's-specific, Size 37, Grey. $179.99

Part# 22995

Carnac Riviera Women's size 37 cycling shoes

Carnac Riviera women's-specific, Size 38, Grey. $179.99

Part# 22996

Caranc Riviera Women's Specific size 38

Carnac Riviera women's-specific, Size 38.5, Grey. $179.99

Part# 22997

Carnac Women's Riviera size 38.5

Carnac Riviera women's-specific, Size 40.5, Grey. $179.99

Part# 22998

Carnac Riviera 40.5

Carnac Riviera women's-specific, Size 41.5, Grey. $179.99

Part# 22999

Carnac Riviera size 41.5