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Sidi Genius Road Shoes

Sidi Genius road shoes on this page: Genius 3 silver size 44 | Genius 7 carbon white size 46

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Sidi, Italian maker of cycling and motorsport clothing was founded in 1960.

Sidi Genius 3 silver road shoes, size 44. New, $189.99/pair

Part# 22437

Sidi Genius 3 size 44 cycling shoe

Sedis Genius 7 Carbon white size 46. New, $150.00/pair

Part# 22452

Sidi Genius 7 shoes

Here's the pair, new and ready for the road.

Sidi Genius 7 shoe

Sidi shoes just look good.

Sidi Genius shoe

Here's the same shoe turned around.

Sidi Genius 7 shoes

The heel cup

Sidi Genius shoes

The carbon sole

Sidi Genius shoes

Info on the end of the box.

Sidi Genius

More info for our Japanese friends

Sidi shoes.

These are genuine Sidi shoes.