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Louis Garneau Multi RX Spinning/Cycling Shoes

On this page: Louis Garneau Multi RX Spinning Shoes, Size: 39 | 40 | 44 | 45

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Spinning class

Thinking of joining a spinning class? We might have the perfect pair of shoes for you. Photo: Rich McFadden

The Garneau Multi RX shoe is made for Spinning/Cycling/Walking

  • Garneau Multi upper is made with nylon mesh and water-resistant synthetic leather
  • It uses Shimano SPD cleats
  • Semi-rigid rubber Ergo Grip Outsole, good grip and flexibility for walking

Louis Garneau Multi RX, black, size 39. $100.00

Part# 22286

Garneau Multi RX size 39 spinning shoes

Louis Garneau Multi RX, black, size 40. $100.00

Part# 22278

Garneau Multi RX size 40 spinning shoe

Louis Garneau Multi RX, black, size 44. $100.00

Part# 22280

Garneau Multi RX size 45

Louis Garneau Multi RX, black, size 45. $100.00

Part# 22284

Garneau Multi RX spinning shoe size 45