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Vittoria Vitamin Spinning Shoes

On this page: Vittoria Vitamin Spinning Shoes, Size: 37 | 40 | 43.5 | 46

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We have Vittoria Vitamin spinning shoes built on women's-specific lasts posted here.

Vittoria Shoes were started in 1978 by former professional racer Celestino Vercelli. Vercelli had ridden for some of the greatest teams of his era, including SCIC and Brooklyn. For generations Vercelli's family had made shoes, so his starting a cycling shoe company after retiring from racing was a natural. If you are interested in learning more about Signor Vercelli, our friends at posted an extended interview with this interesting icon of the cycling industry.

All of our Vittoria shoes were hand-made in the Vittoria shop in Biella, Italy.

Spinning class

Thinking of joining a spinning class? We might have the perfect pair of shoes for you. Photo: Rich McFadden

The Vittoria Vitamin shoe is made specifically for Spinning

  • Vittoria Vitamin upper is made with nylon mesh and water-resistant synthetic leather
  • Rubber sole for spinning cycles
  • Molded heel cup
  • Two velcro closure straps
  • A single size 42 vitamin weighs 405 grams

Vittoria Vitamin, size 37, Silver. $139.99

Part# 22476

Vittoria Vitamin size 37

Vittoria Vitamin, size 40, Silver. $139.99

Part# 22475

Vittoria Vitamin size 40 spinning shoe

Vittoria Vitamin, size 43.5, Silver. $139.99

Part# 22483

Vittoria vitamin size 43.5

Vittoria Vitamin, size 46, Silver. $139.99

Part# 22486

Vittoria Vitamin spinning shoes size 46