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Bottom bracket, crank & chainring tools

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Bottom bracket tools that work on several brands Park HCW-5 BB lockring wrench | Park HCW12 lock ring and 32mm headset tool | Park HCW3 BB & headset tool | Park SPA-1 BB adjustable cup pin tool | Park SPA-3 BB pin tool | Pedro's BB Socket Holder II | Pedro's External Bottom Bracket Socket

Crank tools that work on several brands: Park CCP-1 22mm x 1/23.35mm x 1 crank puller | Park CWP-7 Universal crank puller

Chainring tools: Sugino chainring wrench

Many of the tools here also work on headsets. We have a page for headset-only tools here.

Park Tool HCW-5 bottom bracket lockring wrench. New, $16.00/each

Part# 16127

Double-sided bottom bracket lockring hook spanner. One side is a single hook, the other is a hook spanner with 3 notches for better engagement in the lockrings. The three-hook end will fit 3-notch lockrings with a maximum outside diameter of 46mm, and minor diameter (in the notches) of 40mm.

Park HCW5 BB tool

Classic BB lockring tool

PArk HCW5 bottom bracket tool

Here's the model number stamped in the tool.

Park HCW12 Lock-ring and 32mm headset wrench. New, $25.00

Park HCW12 wrench

The right side is for notched lock rings.

Park HCW12

Here's the same wrench flipped over

Park Tool HCW-3 25mm/36mm Headset & bottom bracket tool. New, $16.00/each

Part# 16125

This long-discontinued Park tool allows a mechanic to tighten or loosen a fixed cup without removing the crank arm.

Park HCW-3 tool

Still new in its factory package

Park Tool

The tool part number

Park Tool SPA-1 bottom bracket adjustable cup pin spanner. New, $10.00/each

Part# 16108

Park Tool writes: Park Tool Pin Spanners have been designed to give maximum usefulness and versatility at the lowest possible cost. Tough, high carbon tool steel is used on each tool to ensure long life. Handle is vinyl coated to give a good grip. Each Pin Spanner is color-coded for easy recognition.

  • Fits adjusting cup on many adjustable type bottom brackets
  • Round pin ends have a diameter of 2.9mm

Park SPA-1 bottom bracket tool

Park Tool SPA-3 bottom bracket pin tool. New, $10.00/each

Park SPA-3 bottom bracket pin tool

Note, the pins face inward.

Pedro's BB Socket Holder II. New, $16.00/each

Part# 16239

  • We have two in stock.
  • Holds socket tool to BB axle to eliminate slippage during removal and installation. New spring preload allows increased flexibility and rotation during use.
  • New design works with square taper and splined axles with M8, M12, or M15 internal spindle thread.
  • Made from heat-treated tool steel for the ultimate in strength and lasting performance.
  • Use with Pedro's Splined Bottom Bracket Socket. Compatible with Pedro's Pro Socket Handle.

If you have even battled with an over-tightened Shimano® and ISIS Drive® splined bottom bracket cup, you know why Pedro's created the BB Socket Holder. Though these types of bottom brackets proved themselves as the standard for many years and continue to be found on many bikes, the tendency for these shallow splines to slip during removal or installation has resulted in more than a few expletives, high frustration levels, and worst of all, injuries. The Pedro's BB Socket Holder II provides a simple, shop quality tool that solves this problem. The new design works on bottom brackets spindles with M8, M12, or M15 threads and adds spring preload for increased flexibility and rotation during use. Backed by Pedro's lifetime warranty.

Pedros bottom bracket tool

New, and ready to go to work.

Pedros bottom bracket tool

Here are the tool and header card turned around.

Pedros bottom bracket tool

Here are the directions.

Pedro's Bottom Bracket Socket for 16-notch x 44mm external BB cups. New, $20.00

Part# 16240

  • Made from heat-treated tool steel for strength and lasting performance.
  • Professional quality, precision sized for the perfect fit.
  • Fits all 16-notch external bearing bottom bracket cups.
  • Designed to work with Pedro's snap-channel Pro Socket Handle, 24mm socket or wrench, a square 1/2" drive, or in a bench vise.

The Pedro's External Bearing Bottom Bracket Socket fits 16-notch external bearing bottom bracket cups including Shimano Hollowtech II, Campagnolo Ultra-Torque and Power Torque, Race Face, FSA, SRAM, Truvativ, Chris King, and Phil Wood outboard bearing. Backed by Pedro's lifetime warranty.

Pedro's outboard bearing bottom bracket tool

Park Tool CCP-1 double-ended 22mm x 1/23.35mm x 1 square-taper crank puller. New, $20.00/each

Part# 15185

  • First: This double-ended puller fits all standard square-taper cranks that have 22mm x 1mm threads.
  • Second: The other side of the puller has 23.35mm x 1mm threads for Stronglight cranks made until 1982. After 1982 Stronglight changed to 22mm x 1.
  • Campagnolo and Shimano use the same "standard" 22mm x 1mm puller threads. Clones such as Sugino also used this threading.
  • T.A. cranksets made until 1982 used 23.0mm x 1. Be sure NOT to use an old TA puller on vintage Stronglight cranks. You will strip the threasds of the Stronglight crankset.

Park CCCP-1 crank puller

It comes with its own handle.

Park Tool CCCP-1 crank puller

Side view

Park Tool CWP-7 Universal Crank Puller. New, $15.00

Part# 15997

The universal design of the CWP-7 has a rotating tip pressed into each end of the tool (11.3mm and 16.3mm) so it will remove both square taper and splined (ISIS Drive, Octalink) crank arms. Also fits BNI cranks on Bosch e-bikes. The CWP-7 is made for the 22 x 1mm threading in the common cranks.

Park CWP-7 crank puller

Here's a factory photo of the tool

Park CWP-7 crank puller

Here's ours in its factory packaging

Park CWP-7 crank puller

The back of the package has more info and directions

Sugino Chainring Wrench. Used, $10.00/each

  • We have four in stock.

Sugino chainring wrench