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Tools for Shimano bottom brackets & cranksets

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Shimano tools on this page: Sunlite Shimano external bearing bottom bracket tool | Park CCP-4 Crank puller for HollowTech cranks | Shimano chainring wrench

Sunlite tool for Shimano bottom brackets with external bearings. New, $15.00

Part# 16240

Fits Shimano Hollow Tech 2 & GXP bottom bracket cups.

Sulite bottom bracket tool

Here's the tool

Sunliite Shimano bottom bracket tool

And the back of the header card.

Park CCP-4 Crank Puller for HollowTech cranks. New, $16.00

Part# 16123

The CCP-4 Crank Puller is specifically designed to remove crank arms from splined Shimano, Octalink and ISIS Drive bottom bracket spindles that do not use a "One Key Release" system. It combines a long, comfortable handle and a fine thread for the leverage needed to remove tight crank arms. Rotating tip ensures smooth operation and long life.

Note: The CCP-4 will not work on crank arms that fit standard square, tapered bottom bracket spindles.

PArk HollowTech crank arm puller


Park BB tool

Here it is as it will look on your work bench

PArk CCP-4 tool

Another view

Park tool

Here's the back of the package

Shimano TL-FC20 chainring wrench. Used, $10.00/each

Shimano chainring tool

Side one

Shimano chainring wrench

Side two