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Bicycle Brake & Gear Cable Tools

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Brake & Gear Cable tools on this page: Cable cutters | Fourth hand cable pullers

Cable cutters: Park CN-10 | IceToolz

Park CN-10 cable & cable housing cutter. New, $38.00

Part# 16157

We have three in stock

Park Cable cutter

A good cable cutter reduces fraying and makes the job go faster.

Park Cable Cutter box

Here's the box it will come in.

IceToolz cable & cable housing cutter. New, $30.00

Part# 16230

IceToolz cable cutter

The packaging notes that this will work on cables and housing, including Shimano SIS and Campagnolo Ergopower.

IceTools cable cutter

The back of the packing has simple, graphic directions.. It even has a cable cap crimping tool.

Fourth hand cable pullers: Lifu | Pedro's

A fourth hand bicycle cable puller makes setting up brakes and derailleurs much easier. The tool grabs the cable and holds it taut while you get the tension perfectly set and tighten the cable anchor.

Lifu fourth-hand cable puller. New, $30.00

Part# 16148

Lifu Fourth hand tool

This can make a difficult job much easier.

Pedro's locking fourth-hand cable puller. New, $30.00

Part# 16148

Pedro's 4th hand

New, on its header card.