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Bicycle Caliper Brake Tools

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Caliper brake tools on this page: Park Third hand brake arm squeezer | Park BT-2 Fourth Hand Cable Stretcher | Park OBW-1 10mm & 13mm offset brake wrench | Park OBW-2 11mm & 12mm offset brake wrench | Park OBW-3 14mm offset wrench & brake centering tool

Park Tool BT-1 Third hand brake arm squeezer. New, $25.00/each

Part# 16143-P

This is an essential tool for working on caliper brakes. It holds the calipers against the rims, taking the spring tension off the cables, allowing for an easy repair or adjustment of the brakes.

This tool is discontinued.

Park Third hand

This makes working on brakes so much easier.

Park brake tool

Edge view

Park Tool BT-2 Fourth Hand Cable Stretcher with locking ratchet. New, $48.00/each

Part# 16261-P

Commonly referred to as a “fourth hand," the Park Tool BT-2 Cable Stretcher is a great help when installing and adjusting bicycle derailleur and brake cables. With one hand, the BT-2 grabs and holds the cable in place and pulls the cable taut, allowing you to set the perfect amount of tension and secure the pinch bolt.

The convenient ratcheting thumb lock holds the cable tension in place. Made from chrome-plated heat-treated steel, the BT-2 is built for a lifetime of use, with cushion grips for comfort. A must-have for any shop, home, or professional.

Park 4th hand tool

Nicely made, brilliantly designed

Brake tool

Note the tool is being held open against the spring tension with the thumb lock

Park 4th hand tool

Here's the other side of the 4th hand.

Park Tool OBW-1 10mm & 13mm offset brake wrench. New, $18.00/each

Part# 16121

Park OBW-1 brake wrench

Park Tool OBW-2 11mm & 12mm offset brake wench. New, $25.00/each

Part# 16119

We have three in stock

Park OBW-2 brake wrench

Park Tool OBW-3 offset brake wrench with 14mm opening and brake centering tool. New, $10.00/each

Part# 16122

  • We have three in stock
  • Park Tool says this about the OBW-3: We call these our offset wrenches because of their unique design, which allows them to be used in tight places, such as centering caliper brakes. OBW-3 has a 14mm opening, and the other end fits into the tension springs to rotate the brake on its bolt.

Park Tool OBW-3 brake tool

The left side is for centering brakes.

Park Brake centering tool

Close-up of the brake centering tool.