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Chain tools, gauges & cleaners

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Chain tools on this page: Park CT-3 chainbreaker | Park CT-5 chainbreaker | Shimano Chainbreaker | Cyclo "Rivoli" Chainbreaker
Chain gauges on this page.
Connex chain wear indicator
Chain & gear cleaners: Park Tool Cyclone Chain Scrubber | Park Tool GearClean Brush

Park Tool CT-3 Chainbreaker. New, $30.00/each

Part# 16061

  • This is Park Tool's professional-level chain tool
  • It is 10-speed compatible
  • Chain rivet driving pin is replaceable.

Park Chain tool

Investment-cast steel body. It comes with a spare pin.

Park chainbreaker

Top view

Park CT-3 chain tool

New, in the box.

Park Chainbreaker

Back of the package with more info

Park Tool CT-5 Chainbreaker. New, $18.00

Part# 16071

Park Tools part# CT-5

Park chainbreaker

Made with Park Tools' usual attention to good design and workmanship.

Park Chainbreaker

The back with directions. The tool's pin is replaceable.

Shimano chainbreaker. New, $45.00

Part# 16073

Shimano part# TL-CN28

Shimano chainbreaker

Cyclo "Rivoli" Chainbreaker.

We have this tool both New | Used

Cyclo Gear Rivoli Chainbreaker #3. New, $10.00/each

Part# 16073

Cyclo Rivoli chain tool

The famous box.

Rivoli chain tool

The chain tool

Cyclo Rivilo chain tool

Here are the directions.

Cyclo "Rivoli" Chainbreaker. Used, $10.00/each

  • We have two in stock
  • This is the classic that has been made for decades.

Cyclo Chainbreaker

Connex chain wear indicator. New, $18.00

Part# 63665

Made by Wippermann

Connex chain wear inidicator

New, in its factory packaging

Connex chain wear inidicator

The directions for use. Simple, brilliant.

Park Tool Cyclone CM-5 Chain Scrubber. Lightly used, $20.00/each

Keeping your chain clean is an essential part of good bike maintenance. The CM-5 Cyclone Chain Scrubber uses an extra-large solvent reservoir and a series of rotating brushes to get chains really clean.

CM-5 features:

  • Magnet at bottom of solvent reservoir draws particles scrubbed from chain, effectively keeping them from being redistributed on the chain during cleaning
  • Durable sponge material draws solvent from the chain as it exits the Cyclone™, reducing drips and mess
  • Works with all multi-speed bikes and some single-speed models
  • Holds 2 fluid ounces of solvent

Park Cyclone Chain Scrubber

Here's a factory picture of the chain cleaner with the handle attached.

Park Chain Scrubber

Here's ours, the one that's for sale, with the detachable handle removed.

Park Cyclong Chain Scrubber

End view

Park Cyclong Chain Scrubber

Here's a factory picture of a different model in operation. Kind of. There is no solvent in the resevoir. But you get the idea, hold the scrubber and turn the crank.

Park Tool GSC-1 GearClean Brush. New, $6.00/each

Part# 16238

Park Tool’s GSC-1 GearClean Brush has a unique design. A large comfortable handle with a curved, toothed-end reaches dirt deep between the gears, and tough nylon bristles clean the derailleur and chain. Saves wear and tear on your chain and freewheel. Works great on brakes or other places where dirt collects.

Park GearClean Brush