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Chain tools & gauges

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Chain tools on this page: Park chainbreaker | Shimano Chainbreaker | Cyclo "Rivoli" Chainbreaker
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Park chain wear indicator | Connex chain wear indicator

Park Tools Chainbreaker. New, $18.00

Part# 16071

Park Tools part# CT-5

Park chainbreaker

Made with Park Tools' usual attention to good design and workmanship.

Park Chainbreaker

The back with directions. The tool's pin is replaceable.

Shimano chainbreaker. New, $45.00

Part# 16073

Shimano part# TL-CN28

Shimano chainbreaker

Cyclo "Rivoli" Chainbreaker. Used, $10.00

  • We have two in stock
  • This is the classic that has been made for decades.

Cyclo Chainbreaker

Park Tools Chain Wear Indicator. New, $13.00

Part# 63662

Park Tools part# CC-3

Park CC-3 chain wear indicator

New, in its factory packaging

Park Chainwear tool

It comes with directions, of course.

Connex chain wear indicator. New, $18.00

Part# 63665

Made by Wippermann

Connex chain wear inidicator

New, in its factory packaging

Connex chain wear inidicator

The directions for use. Simple, brilliant.