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Unusual bicycle tools & novelties on this page: Ultimate Workstand Support Handlebar Securer | Bicycle chain bottle opener | Wetbrush parts cleaner | Park Spoke, bearing and cotter gauge

Ultimate Workstand Support Handlebar Securer. New, $30.00/each

Part# 16204

  • We have two in stock.
  • This wonderful tool allows a mechanic to secure a bicycle's handlebars when the bike is on a workstand, making working on the bike much easier and simpler.

Ultimate handle securer

Adjustable, simple, neat & effective.

Workstand support

Once of the tool's ends.

Ultimate workstand support

The tool's center section.

Resource Revival Bicycle Chain Bottle Opener. New, $12.00

Resouce Revival bicycle chain bottle opener

Yup, a recycled bike chain bottle opener

Resource Revival bottle opener

Here's the back of the header card.

Finish Line Wetbrush detailing brush for cleaning parts. New, $10.00

Part# 16147


New, with its header card.


The back of the header card shows the tools many uses.

Park Tool SBC-1 Spoke, Bearing & Cotter Gauge. New, $10.00/each

Park measuring tool