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Tire & tube tools

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Tire & tube tools on this page: Tire repair and inflation kit | CO2 tire inflator | Rema patch kit | Rema patch glue | Valve repair tool | Presta to Schrader valve adapter | SKS Airchecker presta/schrader digital pressure gauge | Schrader air pressure guage-1

Tire levers: Lunar Levers tire repair kit | Koolstop tire levers | Schwalbe tire levers | SKS tire levers | Soma Steel Core 2 tire levers | Specialized tire levers | Park Tool tire levers

Genuine Innovations Deluxe Tire Repair and Inflation Kit/Wallet. New, $20.00

Part# 13301

Here is the manufacturer's description:

Our deluxe kit offers a complete CO2 bicycle tire repair and inflation solution for all your flat tire needs. Comes with everything needed to repair and inflate multiple flat tires, all packed in an easy-to-store zippered wallet.

Featuring our popular Ultraflate cupped inflator, this deluxe repair kit is so quick and easy to use, you’ll be back to riding your bike in no time!

  • Repair and inflate multiple tires
  • Quick inflation
  • Compact and stores easily
  • Compatible with non-threaded 20 gram CO2 cartridges and threaded 16 gram, 20 gram and 25 gram CO2 cartridges
  • Works with both Presta and Schrader valves
  • Store a non-threaded 20 gram CO2 cartridge in the cup

The kit includes:

  • (1) Ultraflate inflator with trigger-controlled technology
  • (3) 20 gram non-threaded CO2 cartridges
  • (1) Small patch kit (6 patches and 1" square sand paper)
  • (2) Tire levers
  • (1) 5.5" L x 6.5" W padded, zippered wallet

Tire repair kit

All in one neat wallet.

Tire irepair and inflation kit

And here's the back of the package.

Genuine Innovations Comfort Grip CO2 Tire Inflator. New, $20

Part# 13301

Presta & Schrader valve compatible

CO2 tire inflator

Front of the package

CO2 tire inflator

And here's the back of the package.

Rema Tip Top TT04 tube repair kit. New, $6.00 each kit

Part# 49101

Since there is more glue than you need for the five patches in the kit, we sell loose 16mm and 25mm Rema patches. They are 25¢/each

REMA TT04 has 16mm round patches. It was a difficult to source version. Most punctures are relatively small, and preparing a smaller area leaves less room for error in attaching a patch.

REMA TIP TOP offers a variety of bicycle repair kits for tube and tubeless tires. REMA TIP TOP's feather edge patches result in a smooth, seamless tube repair, designed to eliminate bulges on high-pressure tires.

From the René Herse site:
"Patching your tubes not only saves money; it also keeps your old tubes out of the landfill. Wait until you have a batch of tubes to fix – then it’s very efficient, too.

"Rema’s patches are the best – they’ve proven themselves for decades. They are also perfect for repairing small cuts in your tire sidewalls – simply glue a patch on the inside of the casing."

Rema Patch kit

Here's the famous little box.

Rema Patch kit

Here's what's inside, one of the best patch kits ever.

Rema patch kit

We buy them by the case. They are that good.

Rema tire patch glue (cold vulcanizing fluid), 5.0 grams. New, $5.00/tube

Part# 49106

Rema tube glue

Need more glue? We have it.

Rema tube glue

How many do you need?

Sunlite valve repair tool. New, $5.00

Part# 16199

  • Inserts & removes valve cores
  • Re-taps inside valve threads
  • Re-conditions outside valve threads

Sunlite Valve repair tool

Presta valve to Schrader valve adapter on chain. New, $10.00/each adapter

Part# 12321

This allows you to pump up a presta-valve tube with a schrader (standard) pump.

Presta valve adapter

SKS Airchecker presta/schrader digital pressure gauge & pressure regulator. New, $37.00

Part# 13505

  • This pressure gauge gives a digital readout
  • Dual-ended so it works on both presta and schrader valves
  • Has a button to allow you to precisely reduce the tire pressure if it is overinflated
  • Works up to 144 PSI/10 BAR

SKS Airchecker

This is simply a wonderful tool.

SKS Airchecker

The back of the header card

SKS Airchecker

Here's a close-up of the gauge

SKS Airchecker

It comes with a nice sack to keep it safe

Tru-Flate schrader valve tire pressure guage. New, $8.00/each

Part# 13500

Schrader air pressure guages

One measurement is worth a thousand guesses.

Planet Bike Lunar Levers tire repair kit. New, $4.00

Planet Bike Lunar Levers

Here they are, snapped together, ready to fit in your little flat pack.

Planet Bike Lunar Levers

And here they are apart, two levers with patches.

Koolstop Sport Tire Levers. New, $8.00/set

Koolstop Sport tire levers

Reinforced Nylon levers

Koolstop tire levers

Here are the levers out of their holder.

Schwalbe Tire Levers. New, $10.00/set

Schwalbe tire levers

SKS tire levers. New, $8.00/set of two levers

SKS tire levers

Soma Steel Core 2 tire levers. $8.00/each lever

Strong nylon-coated steel tire levers.

Tire makers have been making beads tighter and tighter over the years to increase performance. This has made it tougher to remove tires and more levers are breaking. Get the tire lever that What Mountain Bike UK suggested that every rider should own a pair.

  • Steel core
  • Slim, classic shape gets under beads easier than wider levers
  • Nylon plastic exterior will not gouge alloy rims or pinch tubes

Soma Steel Core tire lever

You can see the steel core

Soma Steel Core tire levers

Feel free to buy one or a dozen.

Specialized tire levers. New, $8.00/set of three

Specialized Tire levers

Park Tool TL-1 Tire Levers. New, $5.00/set

Park Tool tire levers