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BMC Team Phonak Bicycle: None in stock

On this page: 57cm BMC Team Phonak complete bicycle (sold - None in stock)
Because of its history and beautiful construction, we have not deleted this page. But this bike is sold.

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BMC stands for "Bicycle Manufacturing company". The Swiss firm was started in 1986 by American Bob Bigelow to assemble and distribute Raleigh bicycles in Switzerland. Upon losing the contract to make and sell Raleighs, Bigelow struck out on his own, making "BMC" bikes.

BMC went upscale, building high-performance bikes, eventually becoming the bike supplier to the Phonak pro team in 2000. The Phonak hearing aids company was owned by Andy Rihs, who purchased BMC that same year. Rihs planned to make BMC the "Porsche of race bikes". We believe he succeeded admirably. He has set up his own carbon production facility in Grenchen, Switzerland.

Phonak sponsored the team through 2006. From 2007 to the present the team's title sponsor has been BMC.

Under the two sponsors the team has ridden BMC bikes to wins in the Tour de France, World Championships and a host of other prestigious races.

57cm BMC Team Phonak complete Chorus equipped bicycle. Sold. We have none in stock
57cm seat tube x 57cm top tube

Chorus 10-speed group
Campagnolo Photon wheels
Easton EL 90 handlebars, Easton SC Wing stem

BMC 57-cm team phonak bike

Light, beautiful and carefully engineered. Ready for a trip around town or a Tour de France.

BMC team phonakl bike

The frame is interestingly designed.

Pez Cycling explained the complex seat cluster:

"The first thing that everyone is drawn to is the Seat / Top and rear lug. It is just plain cool looking, but is the result of wanting to get a few things done. In no order of importance, the first thing we note is at the back. It holds the wishbone seat stay, and is a prime example of the functionality of this cool looking lug. Yes it looks neat, but if you look at it, you’ll notice that the vibration from the rear end meets a fairly dead end. Same thing for the Top tube… You’ll also notice that there is a lot of inner bracing in the lug, but that it also flares out to wide flat surfaces (kind of like a mini I-beam, twisted up to do a specific job). That makes for very good flex elimination on the planes that it is required. Damn good thinking.

"Next up is that the lug houses that monster carbon seat tube that ends within the lug, but allows for the entry of an oversized seat post (a nice one from Easton…). Again, vibration needs to pass through a few road blocks to get to your booty.

"Last but not least is a very clean seat binder set up that spreads compression well to help avoid pinching a post while securing a larger section of it (Easton’s post also has a slight flat section molded in that helps prevent pinching). Oh, and don’t forget the exit hole for the hidden brake cable."

BMC Phonak team bike

Given the Champion of Switzerland 2003 decal on the top tube, we can date this bike to about 2004, before the seat lug design was changed.

BMC carbon bike rear triangle

Close-up of the rear triangle

BMC Phonak bike

Easton carbon forks complement this bike

BMC phonak bike bottom bracket

The bottom bracket came in for its share of design care. Note the carbon Campagnolo Chorus cranks.