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Used 54cm Benotto Bicycle

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54 cm Benotto complete bike, used. $1,000

54cm seat tube x 56.5 cm top tube

This special bike was built from a Benotto Columbus SL frameset that was repainted. The bike's original owner had this frame built with equipment specially picked out to make his commute enjoyable. The frame does have a dent on the top tube and some other imperfections as well.

The components:

  • Sugino 165mm cranks with a single Campagnolo 45-tooth ring with 21-24 rear 4-speed cogset
  • Nuovo Record rear derailleur dated 1984
  • 7cm Cinelli 1A stem with 65-40 Cinelli Criterium bars
  • Dia-Compe Grande Compe brake levers connected to Suntour Superbe Pro calipers
  • Silca Impero frame-fit pump
  • Campagnolo Record high-flange 36-hole hubs laced to Super Champion Arc-en-Ciel sew-up rims
  • Vittoria Formula Uno/Kevlar sew-up tires
  • Campagnolo Record headset
  • Genuine Ideale 90 Rodée Main Rebour leather saddle. This is a top of the line Ideale saddle, which has the Daniel Rebour treatment. This was a patented leather conditioning/softening process that was applied to a small number of saddles, and is noted by the Rebour stamp (see photo). These saddles are highly revered by leather saddle aficionados, and are sought after by collectors and riders alike.

Benotto bike

A simple, good-riding steel bike. What more is there to want?

Benotto bike

Front view. Lots of classic equipment on this bike. The Cinelli bars are the older, more desired version with the Cinelli coat-of-arms logo.

Benotto bike

View of the rear triangle showing Nuovo Record derailleur, Record hubs and 4-speed freewheel. Note single shift lever.

Benotto bike

Close-up of the rear gear assembly

Seat tube

Seat tube and tubing decal

Benotto bike

The brass-riveted Ideale Rodée Main saddle

Ideale Rodee Main

The coveted "Rebour" stamp on the Ideale Rodée Main saddle