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Isaac Carbon Frameset

Isaac Cycle is a bike maker in Limburg, The Netherlands. The firm is dedicated to hand-making the finest possible carbon fiber bicycle frames. The frames are hand-built in Limbourg, one at a time, using one-piece monocoque construction.

Small Isaac "Impulse" carbon frame and full carbon fork with FSA headset. $2000.

"2.718" model fork is full carbon with carbon steering tube
The compact frame measures 48 cm seat tube (center to center) or 50 cm (center to top) x 51cm top tube
Frame is high modulus carbon fiber "Impulse " model.

Isaac Frameset

Profile view of this beautiful frame. Note that it does have a sloping top tube, which can me noted by the fork tips in the photo being lower than the rear dropouts.

Isaac carbon frame

Rear view showing the complex and well-thought-out shaping of the stays.

Isaac carbon framset front view

Front view