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Bertoni Frame

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Bertoni bikes were the creation of one of the geniuses of the the American bicycle trade, Ben Lawee. In his long career, Lawee had been the U.S. importer of Raleigh, Bianchi and later Motobecane. He began bringing in his own brand of Italian-made bikes, Italvega, in the early 1970s. Later, I believe after he changed to Asian sourcing for his Univega bikes, he imported a few Italian-made Bertonis in the 1980s.

54cm Bertoni Frame and fork $400.00 (used)
54cm seat tube x 55cm top tube.

This Bertoni is built with Columbus tubes and dropouts. Note it has a pump peg. Bottom bracket threading is Italian.

Bertoni frame profile

The simple Bertoni graphics go well with the dusty-rose paint color

Bertoni frame

Front view showing the flat, investment-cast fork crown.

Bertoni frame

Rear view showing Columbus dropouts

Bertoni frame

Bottom bracket shell and "Made in Italy" sticker