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Bridgestone Bicycles

Bridgestone bicycles are indeed made by the giant multinational corporation that is best known for tires. The company began making bikes in 1949. In the 1980s and early 1990s, Bridgestone's American bicycle operation was run by one of the most brilliant bike designers and marketers in modern cycling history, Grant Peterson. The bikes he designed and marketed were well-made (a given, being made in Japan) and very good-riding.

After Bridgestone pulled out of the U.S. bike market in the mid-1990s, Peterson went on to start Rivendell Bicycle Works.

55cm Bridgestone Mile 112
55cm seat tube x 55cm top tube
Bike as pictured, without wheels, $500.00

  • The Bridgestone Mile 112 was designed with triathletes in mind, with a slightly longer wheelbase and comfortable, slightly laid-back seat and head tubes. This makes for a stable, fast bike that's good for the long miles.
  • The frame is triple-butted Chrome-moly tubing.
  • Rear triangle spacing is 126mm. For $35.00 we will re-space it to 130mm
  • This comes with SunTour downtube shift levers that have three possible modes: friction, 6-speed or 7-speed SunTour Index shifting.

Bridgestone bicycle

Frame is triple-butted Chrome-moly. The fork blades are aluminum. The bike has had almost no use. We even have the original owner's manual.

Bridgestone mile 112

The horizontal dropouts are forged, with adjusting screws. It also has brazed-on pump peg and chain hanger. The bike's Suntour Cyclone derailleurs are simply superb. The crankset is a Shimano FC-B126 with Biopace chainrings. While Biopace rings are no longer made by Shimano, they offer significant advantages. Their ovoid shape gives a lower effective gear ratio when the cranks are at the top and bottom, when the rider has the least mechanical advantage.

Bridgestone bike

View of the head tube, showing the extremely clean lug brazing.

Bridgestone brake caliper

Close-up of the proprietary Bridgestone semi-double-pivot brake calipers