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Ciöcc Frames and Bikes

The Ciöcc shop was started in 1969 by Giovanni Pelizzoli in a shop near the northern Italian town of Bergamo. Ciöcc frames have been loved since that time for both their ride and beauty. World championships have been won on Ciöcc bikes. They have also been ridden by pro teams, including Santini-Conti-Krups and Navigare.

Ciöcc 54.5 cm bike with pantographed Campagnolo and Cinelli components
Bike without wheels: $5,650. Frameset: $2,000
The individual parts are for sale. A price list of the bike components are at the bottom of the page

The frame has 54.5cm seat tube x 54.5cm top tube
This bike was lightly used and resprayed with Dupont Imron in the USA. It has no chrome.
It is built mostly with Campagnolo Super Record components (it uses Campagnolo Delta brakes instead of Super Record sidepulls), many of which were pantographed or modified in the Ciöcc shop. Note the relieved (cut out spider arms) crankset. The crank fixing bolts are titanium. The frame has 126mm rear spacing.

There's more: We also have a 540 Silca Impero pump with a Campagnolo steel pump head that was painted the same pearl white at the same time to match the frame. Pictures of the pump are at the bottom of the page. If you buy the pump with the frame/bike, it is $150.00. By itself, $200.00.

Note: The $5,650 price is for this bike without wheels. If you do not have your own set of wheels to go with this lovely bike, we are custom wheel specialists and will be happy to build a set for you. Please ask us for a quote.

This is a gorgeous example of Italian workmanship made during steel's golden age.

Ciocc bike

54.5 cm Ciöcc bike with pantographed Super Record Campagnolo and Cinelli parts

Ciocc 54.5 bike

Front view of the Ciöcc. Note Delta brakes


Rear view

Ciocc crankset

The classic pantographed and relieved (cut out spider arms) Campagnolo Super Record crankset. Note the Binda Extra toe straps

Silca Impero frame-fit pump painted to match the bike:

Ciocc custom painted pump

Painted the same pearl white.

Silca Impero pump

Here's the handle

Silca frame-fit pump

The lower end of the pump with its Camagnolo steel pump head.

Campagnolo Steel pump head

The Campagnolo steel pump head.

Campagnolo steel pump head

The other side of the pump head

Silca frame fit pump

The side of the pump head, also showing a small ding in the pump sleeve.

Campagnolo steel pump head

The business end of the pump head.

Individual prices for the components on this bike: Please give us a call at (503) 480-2001 if you have any questions.

  • Super Record Crankset, "Colnago Mexico" treatment (170mm cranks; 42/52), Ciocc pantographed: $450.
  • Bottom bracket with titanium fixing bolts: $600.
  • Campagnolo Super Record derailleurs: $40 for the front, and $400 for the rear
  • Super Record headset: $300
  • Campagnolo seat binder: $50
  • Super Record downtube Ciocc pantographed shifters: $100.
  • Campagnolo Super Leggera pedals: $150
  • Binda Extra straps: $100.
  • Campagnolo Super Record seat post, single-bolt, Ciocc pantographed, with measure marks and fluted seatpost: $200.
  • Campagnolo C-Record second-generation Delta brake calipers are 2nd generation: $600.
  • Campagnolo brake levers with black hoods: $270.
  • San Marcos Rolls saddle, white perforated leather cover: $100.
  • Cinelli 1R 12cm stem, Ciocc pantographed with measure marks, $250,
  • Cinelli Del Mondo model 66 handlebars, 40 cm width with Campagnolo logo end plugs $50.
  • Silca Impero 540 frame-fit pump painted to match the frame with Campangolo steel pump head: $200.00 by itself, or $150.00 with the bike.