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De Bernardi Bicycle

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A De Bernardi frame might be the best bike you never heard of. In the heyday of steel frames, back in the '60s, '70s, and '80s, the De Bernardis owned a shop in Cuneo, Italy, called Technotrat. Not wanting to be involved with the complexities of marking and distribution, their specialty was building high-quality frames for other brands, such as Saronni. But the De Bernardis did build a few under their own name.

Situated in the suburb of Cuneo, Borgo San Dalmazzo, Technotrat's shop was simply immaculate, reflecting the owner's desire to created superb bikes.

55cm De Barnardi 3-tube Columbus Aelle bicycle $600.00 (used)
55cm seat tube x 55cm top tube.

This Columbus 3-tube Columbus Aelle frameset is built with a blend of Shimano components. The hubs are 105 (laced onto Mavic CXP21 rims). Most of the rest of the parts are Shimano RX100. Tires are Continental.

De Bernardi bicycle

A classic lugged Italian frame that will simply eat the miles as you roll down the road.

De barnardi frameset

The seat cluster showing the Columbus tubing decal

De Bernardi frameset

Front view

De Bernardi frameset

Rear view. The seat lug and fork crown are investment-cast.