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Gaansari Frame

Cycles Gaansari was the brand of frames by Gary and Jean Boulanger. They were beautiful bikes, but capital limitations forced the couple to shut down the operation in 2006. We do have this rare example of the shop's beautiful work

Gaansari Van Flyer Limited Edition, 58 cm x 58.5 top tube. Used, $1,200 frame and fork only.

This frame is lightly used and has a few scratches. Also, the steering tube is a little short for many headsets. it will require a short-stack headset.

Please note the special investment-cast front and rear fork tips. This is a special and beautiful frameset.

Gaansari van flyer

Note the extended head tube

Gaansari front view

Front view showing the frameset's classic flat cast fork crown

Gaansari frame

The rear view shows the special rack seat-stay braze-ons

Gaansari frame

The special elaborate vertical dropouts

Gaansari frameset

The front dropouts got the same attention. The paint has been touched up.

Gaansari frameset

Gaansari head tube