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Giordana Steel Framesets

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Giordana steel frames are handbuilt in Italy. But interestingly, they are made from French Excell tubing. Excell's alloys were developed for the aerospace industry, but were found to be a perfect match for bicycle tubing.

Giordana frames use stage-racing geometry. Built for the long miles, Giordana frames are comfortable, stable and efficient.

Frames available (posted below): 59cm XL Strada

Giordana brochure

Here's info from the 1994 Giordana catalogue

Giordana catalogue

More info on Giordana frames and the tubing used to make them.

Giordana frame geometry
Here's a chart of Giordana frame geometry

59cm Giordana XL Strada frameset. New, $1,000.00
59cm seat tube x 58.5cm top tube

We have a second 59cm XL Strada in this color with a couple of scratches. New, $900.00
Pictures of the scratches are here.

  • 174mm head tube
  • 72.1-degree seat tube x 73-degree head tube
  • Two sets of water bottle braze-ons, pump peg and downtube shifter bosses
  • 1" Threaded steel fork
  • Italian-threaded bottom bracket: 36mm x 24 TPI. Both sides of the shell have right-hand threads.
  • 27.2mm seat post
  • The wheels in the pictures below are not included. They were used only to aid in photographing the frameset.

59 Giordana XL framset

Here's a gorgeous 59 cm Giordana XL Strada

59 cm Girodana XL

Front view showing the flat cast fork crown and braze-ons.

Giordana frameset

The seat cluster showing the exit of the hidden internal rear brake cable

rear seat cluster

The rear triangle. Again, immaculate workmanship.

59cm Giordana XL Strada frameset with a few scratches. New, $900.00

It is identical to the 59 shown above with the scratches shown below.

Scratch on head tube

Here's a small one on the head tube.

Giordana bicycle frame

On the top head-tube lug.

Giordana bike frame

Seat binder ears of the seat lug

Giordana bike frame

The top tube