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Girvin Proflex bicycle

On this page: 52cm Girvin Proflex 353 hybrid bicycle

Girvin Offroad ProFlex bikes offered a revolutionary way to suspend the rider, using elastomer cushions to absorb shock. The company was probably the first to offer both front and rear suspension. At some point K2 purchased the maker and then ceased producing the bikes. Replacement elastomer cushions are still available.

52cm Girvin Proflex 353 hybrid bicycle. Used $500.00
52 seat tube x 50cm top tube.

The frame has rear elastomer suspension while the duty of front suspension is performed by a Girvin elastomer flex stem.

Kit is built on a Shimano 700CX group. Rims are Sun Mistral.

Girvin Proflex hybrid

The shock-absorbing elastomer for the rear triangle can be seen as part of the seat stay attachment to the seat tube.

Girvine off road

Front view

Girvin Pro Flex

Fenders can make all the difference on a wet day.

Girvin proflex

Main triangle. There are a few scratches.

Girvin Proflex head tube

From the front