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Mondia Framesets

On this page: 57cm Mondia road frame

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Mondia bikes were produced from 1933 until 2003. They were made in Switzerland by Jeker-Häfeli & Cie. In the 1960s and 1970s Mondia bikes and frames were very popular in the U.S. They had nice workmanship and sported beautiful air-brush multicolored paint jobs. They had a great ride. They would just eat up the miles without beating up the rider.

57 Mondia "Super" road frame and fork. Used $300.00

57cm seat tube X 58.5cm top tube

  • We believe this is a Mondia, but cannot say that with an absolute certainty
  • 147mm head tube
  • 26.4mm seat tube
  • An earlier owner cut off the top tube brake cable stops and the seat stay centerpull cable stop.
  • This is not the factory paint job, it was resprayed by a former owner
  • Campagnolo fork ends and dropouts
  • Nervex lugs

Mondia Super

Mondias were loved for their great ride.