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Mondia Framesets

On this page: 57cm Mondia road frame

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Mondia bikes were produced from 1933 until 2003. They were made in Switzerland by Jeker-Häfeli & Cie. In the 1960s and 1970s Mondia bikes and frames were very popular in the U.S. They had nice workmanship and sported beautiful air-brush multicolored paint jobs. They had a great ride. They would just eat up the miles without beating up the rider.

57 Mondia "Super" road frame and fork. Used $400.00

57cm seat tube X 58.5cm top tube

  • We are fairly sure this is a Mondia. The locations of the braze-ons that were cut off from under the down tube and seat stay match those of a 1972 Mondia. Also the serial number on the wrap-around cap of the left seatstay (176033) is close to that of another 1972 Mondia Super. The holes in the headtube align with a Mondia headbadge.
  • The frame is French-threaded, both the bottom bracket (35mm x 1mm) and the fork (25mm x 1mm threads, takes 22mm diameter stem).
  • 147mm head tube
  • 26.4mm seat tube
  • An earlier owner cut off the top tube brake cable stops as well as a guide for the cable between the stops, the dropout eyelets and the seat stay centerpull cable stop.
  • This is not the factory paint job, it was resprayed by a former owner.
  • That is chrome on the seat tube, not a silver decal.
  • Campagnolo fork ends and dropouts
  • Nervex lugs
  • 120mm rear dropout spacing
  • Both frame and fork were built using pinned lugged construction.

Mondia Frameset

Mondias were loved for their great ride.

Mondia Frameset

Hard to beat ornate Nervex lugs

Chrome fork tips

Chrome fork ends

Mondia Forks

The front forks from another angle

Mondia seat cluster

Classic Mondia seat cluster

Mondia Frameset

The back of the seat cluster. You can see where the rear center-pull brake cable stop was cut off.

Rear dropouts

The rear Campagnolo dropouts

Campagnolo dropouts

The dropouts from another angle. You can see where the eyelets were removed.

Mondia frameset

Th top tube, showing a removed braze-on

57 mondia

The removed top tube cable guide

Front cable stop

And here's where the front brake cable stop was.

Mondia fork Crown

The fork crown

Mondia fork crown

The fork crown from another angle


Looking down the steering tube you can see the pins placed by the framebuilder before he brazed it up.

Mondia fork tips

The fork tips. You can see where the eyelets were removed.

57cm mondia

You can see a bit of the frame's original orange paint.

Mondia frameset

This frame was built with care. You can see how the tubes entering the bottom bracket were carefully mitered to fit perfectly.

Mondia bottom bracket

Another look in the bottom bracket shell. You can see a pin in the far chainstay coming in from the far side.