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Pennine Frame

Pennine Cycles have been built in Bradford, England since 1947. That year Johnny Mapplebeck, Geoff Wood and Geoff Whitaker opened their custom shop. Having spent part of the war in Italy, Mapplebeck and Whitaker wanted to build Italianate frames. Because every frame was a one-of, for most of their careers, they didn't publish a catalog.

The Pennine Mountains, for which their frames were named, are a north-south range of hills separating northwest England from Yorkshire.

We have never seen a Pennine frame that wasn't beautifully brazed. They are well-designed and well-made frames. Most of the Pennines in the U.S. were imported in the late 1960s and early 1970s by the Murphy Company, headquartered in San Francisco.

Reynolds tubing ad

While this ad pre-dates the founding of Pennine Cycles a bit, we still thought it a fun piece of cycling's past to share.

60cm Pennine Frame and fork. Used, $400.00
60cm seat tube x 57.5cm top tube.

We believe this Pennine is made with Reynolds 531, we cannot write that with with complete assurance. All the Pennine frames we know of that were imported by Murphy were built with 531. Given its style and lack of braze-ons, this frame was probably built in the late 1960s or early 1970s.

It has a CycleArt paint job. It is built with long-point Prugnat lugs.
There is a tab on the underside of the down tube to keep shifters or a cable stop from sliding down the tube.

The rear dropout spacing is 120mm (5-speed). Upon request and after a deposit is made to purchase the frame, we can re-align it to 126mm or 130mm spacing.

60 cm Pennine frameset

Our Pennine has vertical Campagnolo dropouts with eyelets. If desired, fender or rack mounting will be simple.

Pennine frame

The flat fork crown and small-radius bend to the fork rake makes this a comfortable bike.

Pennine frameset

Rear view showing the frame's simple elegance.

Pennine frame

Close up of the Campagnolo rear vertical dropouts

Pennine frame

Close up of the flat fork crown and lower head lug. Note the exquisite brazing.