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Torelli Bikes and Frames, new old stock and beautiful used frames

We have a few new Torelli frames built by Antonio and Mauro Mondonico in the late 1990s and early 2000s. These frames were built by the masters in their small shop in Concrezzo, Italy. These are steel frames with an extraordinary ride that possess a beauty that only Italian masters can bring to their art. Frames on the page built by Mondonico have been so noted.

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Here's a photo gallery and history of this remarkable framebuilding shop

Here's the Torelli brochure from 1992 (thumbnail of the front page just below)
1992 frame geometries are listed in the brochure

Torelli 1992 brochure

And here is the 2002 Torelli brochure (thumbnail of the front page just below)
2002 frame geometries are listed in the brochure

Torelli brochure

Torelli Frames & bikes posted on this page: 49cm Torelli Foco frameset | 49cm Torelli Express frame | 49cm Torelli Corsa Strada | 50, 57cm Torelli Tipo Uno fixie bike | 53 cm Corsa Strada | 54cm Torelli Spada | 56cm Carbonio | 60cm Nitro Express EL-OS | 62 cm Torelli Super Strada | 63 Torelli Countach

Torelli 20th Anniversary bike and frames are posted here

Torelli Gran Sasso complete bike: with Mirage triple groupset, 50 cm and 62cm

49cm Torelli Columbus Foco frameset. New, frame $2,399, Torelli Aspect SL carbon fork: $315

49cm seat tube x 52cm top tube

  • All investment-cast conjuctions and rear dropouts.
  • Chrome lugs and rear triangle

Frame part# 94645, Fork part# 94079

Torelli 49cm foco framset

Chrome lugs and beautiful hand-shaped fastback seat stays. Lovely!

49 cm Torelli Foco framset

The cast rear vertical dropouts are sockets for the stays.

Torelli 49 cm foco framset

Front view showing the full carbon Torelli Aspect SL fork painted to match the frame.

49 cm Torelli Foco frameset

Close-up of the investment-cast bottom bracket shell and Columbus Foco tubing decal.

49cm Torelli Express frame. New, $1,179.00 frame only

  • Built with the Torelli/Columbus Nemo tubeset. This tubing was designed in partnership with Columbus for a high-performance/cost effective frame. Three main tubes are Columbus Nemo with the stays and fork blades made of Columbus Brain tubing.
  • Columbus Link carbon wishbone seat stay
  • TIG welded
  • If you need a fork for this frame, please let us know. We have lots of fork options.

Torelli Express frame

49 cm Torelli Corsa Strada frameset. New. $629 frame, $133 fork

Part# 94481

49cm seat tube x 52cm top tube

  • Columbus Brain OS tubing
  • Tig Welded main joints
  • Investment-cast bottom bracket shell, seat clamp & fork crown
  • Made in northern Italy

49 cm corsa strada frameset

A classic hand-made Italian steel road bike for a very modest price

49 cm Torelli Corsa Strada

From the rear.

49 cm Torelli Corsa Strada

From the front, showing the classic Italian steel fork with its investment-cast fork crown.

Torelli Tipo Uno fixie road bike. New, $850.00/each

In stock:

  • 50cm x 52cm top tube.
  • 57cm


  • Geometry: A 52cm (no longer in stock) has a 73-degree head tube & a 74-degree seat tube.
  • Weight: A 52cm (no longer in stock) weighs just under 23 pounds.
  • Double-butted TIG-welded cromoly frame, straight steel forks with investment-cast fork crown
  • Wheels: Sealed bearing 36-hole Torelli hubs, stainless 2.0 spokes and Alex DA22 rims
  • Hubs are two-sided so a freewheel can be mounted on the other side. It comes as a fixed gear bike.
  • Riveted leather Torelli saddle with adjustable tension
  • Rack braze-ons
  • Tektro R350 dual-pivot brakes
  • Leather toe straps
  • 1/8" chain
  • Chain tensioners on the dropouts
  • Forged 170 Lasco crankset with 46 tooth ring, 17 tooth rear cog
  • Fun retro panel paint job with flat paint and non-obtrusive decal design
  • The bike has clearance for fenders

50 cm Torelli tipo uno

Here's the 50cm: a simple, clean, neat bike.

Torelli Tipo Uno

The Tektro calipers are dual-pivot.The leather toe straps are nylon reinforced.

Torelli Tipo Uno

From the back. The rack braze-ons near the top of the seat stays and near the dropouts can been seen.

Tipo Uno drivetrain

The drivetrain. Dropouts are forged. Pedals are aluminum. Note the dropouts have chain-tensioner screws.

Tipo Uno saddle

It comes with a classic riveted leather saddle.

53cm Torelli Corsa Strada complete bike. $1,500, barely used

53cm seat tube x 54cm top tube

  • Full carbon Torelli Aspect SL fork
  • Campagnolo Mirage kit with Mirage 170mm triple crank x 9-speed 13-26, Veloce Calipers
  • Wheels are hand-built with Campagnolo Centaur hubs, Torelli Triumph rims and alloy spoke nipples
  • Seat post is Torelli Bormio, Stem is 3T Mutant, Elite water bottle cages
  • Frame was Tig-welded in a small Italian shop (it is a Torelli, after all) using Columbus Zona Nivacrome triple-butted asymmetrically drawn tubing.

This bike is not new, but it had almost no use before we bought it.

53 cm Torelli Corsa Strada

A lovely example of the Italian framebuilder's art

Torelli Corsa Strada

Front view showing the hand-built wheels and carbon forks

Torelli Corsa Strada

The rider's view.

53 Torelli Corsa Strada

Close-up of the rear triangle

Torelli Corsa Strada

Another view of the drivetrain

Torelli Corsa Strada

Close-up of the head tube. The Torelli Triumph rims have machined sidewalls for ultra-smooth braking

Torelli Corsa Strada

The seat cluster.

Torelli Corsa Strada

Close up of the bottom bracket and Columbus Zona tubing decal. Though the frame is mostly tig-welded, it does use an investment-cast (lost wax) bottom bracket shell.

54cm Torelli Spada frameset. New, $1,200.00 (a discount of $135.00 from the combined prices of the frame, headset and fork)

If you wish, the parts are available separately:
Frame only: $1,000.00

Torelli Aspect carbon fork with alloy steering tube: $195.00
Fork is part# 94098
Steerer tube is 300cm long

Cane Creek Solos headset: $130.00
Headset is part# 33177

54cm seat tube x 55cm top tube

  • Hand-built in Italy, painted with Dupont Imron in the U.S.
  • Columbus Altec II 7000-series aluminum tubing
  • Heat treated after welding
  • Torelli Aspect carbon fork
  • Cane Creek Solos headset
  • Frame, fork and headset together weigh 5 pounds.
  • Frame has Italian threads
  • Minor touched-up scratches on the drive-side seat stay. See bottom photo.

Headset is Cane Creek Solos: The Solos headset utilizes very low friction bearings for drag free performance. The large diameter balls (5/32") are larger than those of other headset brands and yield reduced rolling resistance. The bearings also incorporate low drag rubber seals and nylon retainer cages for more efficient bearing movement.

In addition to housing fully sealed stainless steel cartridge bearings, the Solos' overhanging cup/cover design keeps contaminants from reaching the bearings. This overhanging "treacherous path" feature is repeated with the lower cup/crown race.

54 cm Torelli Spada frameset

Beautiful work from Italian artisans

Torelli Spada Frameset

From the rear

Torelli Spada

Front view showing the Torelli carbon Aspect fork

Torelli Aspect fork

The Aspect fork has an aluminum fork crown and steering tube.

Torelli Spada seat stay

The drive-side seat stay has three minor scratches that have been touched-up.

Torelli 56cm Record Carbonio frame, Frame only $950.00. The threaded Kinesis aluminum fork in the picture is $125.00. We also have a threadless Kinesis carbon fork for $185.00.

  • 56cm seat tube x 56cm top tube
  • 73-degree head tube/73.5 degree seat tube angle
  • Chain stay: 40cm
  • Bonded internal lug construction
  • Standard diameter tubes
  • Made by Alan of Italy
  • Frame weight: 3.3 lbs

Torelli carbonio

This lightweight road frame was made for Torelli by the renowned Alan firm of Padua, Italy

torelli carbonio

Front view showing the aluminum head lugs.

Torelli carbonio

Torelli chose Alan to make its carbon frames because few firms can match Alan's experience in making non-ferrous frames. The firm began in the early 1970s and several world championships have been earned on frames made by the company.

Torelli 60 cm EL-OS Nitro Express
60cm seat tube x 59cm top tube
Frame $2,079, fork $299
Built in the Mondonico framebuilding shop for Torelli

Torelli 60 cm ELOS framset

60 cm Torelli EL-OS Nitro Express

Torelli EL-OS seat tube

Seat tube detail showing EL-OS seat tube decal

Torelli Nitro Express

Torelli Nitro Express showing lugless fillet-brazed fast-back seat stay attachment. Beautiful!

Torelli 62cm Super Strada. frame & fork. New $900.00

Part# 94569

62cm seat tube x 59cm top tube

  • Columbus Brain three main tubes, Columbus Gara stays and fork blades
  • All investment-cast lugs, bottom bracket shell and fork crown
  • Extensive hand finish work
  • Made in Italy, painted in the US with Dupont Imron

Torelli 62cm super strada

No shortcuts, just classic Italian workmanship.

Torelli 62 cm Super Strada

From the front. A classic sloping external fork crown for a comfortable ride.

Torelli 63cm blue lugged Countach OS. New. $1,250 frame and fork

Part# 94585

63cm seat tube x 59cm top tube.

  • Columbus Brain OS tubing (Cyclex steel with short, differential butts)
  • All investment-cast lugs, fork crown and bottom bracket shell
  • Built in Italy, America Dupont Imron paint
  • Full braze-ons: Shifter bosses, chain hanger, front derailleur boss, pump peg, top-tube rear brake cable stops

Torelli Countach frameset 63 cm

The decals are protected under a clear-coat.

Torelli Countach

From the front

Columbus decal

And it is made from Columbus Brain tubing.