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Torelli Gran Sasso complete Italian handbuilt bikes & Framesets

The Torelli Gran Sasso complete bicycle was built is a small shop in North Italy. When we write small, we mean it. The shop had only five workers, including the owner and secretary. The workmen all had long experience in the art of bike building.

Complete bikes: $1,500.00
Framesets: $850.00

Frame geometries (at bottom of page)

In stock:
Complete bikes: 50cm Gios Blue & 62cm Gios blue and red
Framesets: 62cm Gios Blue
Frame only: 60cm red (Dupont Imron American paint)

The Gran Sasso is of my favorite bikes to sell in the NW. It has the ability to mount full-coverage fenders on it while using 23mm tires. Initially, I was concerned in bringing this model in, as I was successfully selling Bianchi Eros’s at the time and they retailed for a couple hundred dollars less, often having a couple Campagnolo components a grade or two above the full-Mirage equipped Gran Sassos. However, it soon turned the tide and we began selling Gran Sassos at a ratio of greater than eight to one.  In fact, it cost me the Bianchi dealership for a time. The outside rep for Bianchi noticed that I had as many Torellis on the floor as I did Bianchis, and indicated that I needed to increase the percentage of Bianchis. I told him that since I was selling more Torellis, it seemed more than fair to have the same number of Bianchis. He then gave Bianchi to another store in town, where after 2-3 years, they liquidated the Bianchi inventory, and I was re-instated as a Bianchi dealer.

The frame is Columbus Tubing's "New Thron" steel tube set. Like all Torelli frames and bikes when a steel fork is used, it has an investment-cast fork crown rather than a unicrown (fork blades welded directly to the steering tube). This gives the fork and therefore the bike's ride, more give and resilience. The payoff for the rider is more miles in greater comfort and a bonus of better handling. Joints are TIG-welded.

Gran Sasso

50 cm Torelli Gran Sasso. Note triple crankset

  • Groupset: Campagnolo Mirage 9-speed triple with Ergopower shift levers.
  • Wheels: Torelli Master rims, ACI stainless-steel double-butted, Vittoria dual compound 23mm times with steel beads. Vittoria inner tubes.
  • Stem: ITM
  • Bars: ITM Europa anatomic, double-grooved
  • Saddle: Selle Italia XO, yellow

Frame geometries (taken from the supplier's catalog):

Frame size Seat angle Top tube Chain stay
48cm 75 degrees 51cm 40.2cm
50 75 52 40.2
52 74 53 40.4
54 74 54.5 40.4
56 74 56 40.4
58 73.5 57 40.6
60 73 58 40.6
62 73 58.5 40.6