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50-cm Zeus Bicycle

Zeus was a Spanish bicycle and component maker with a long history. Founded in 1926, the company was headquartered in Eibar, northeast Spain, in bike-mad Basque country. Zeus was one of the few companies to make both bikes and components.

Zeus parts were produced in a wide performance range, from reasonably inexpensive parts to the most exotic. Some were shameless copies of Campagnolo parts and others showed striking design originality. All of it was, however, truly well-made.

Zeus complete bike, 50 cm. Used
50cm x 52cm top tube
Frame made of Reynolds 531 throughout with full Zeus componentry except for the Suntour rear derailleur.
Steel frames made this way, with generous fork rake and seat stays brazed to the sides of the seat lug make wonderfully comfortable bikes. Finding small bikes that work well for lighter riders is always a problem. With this Zeus bike, problem solved!

Complete bike: $1,200

Zeus complete bike

Side view of the complete bike. Two important changes to the original bike, a Suntour rear derailleur and and Avocet Touring II saddle

Zeus bike

Front view. Stem is Cinelli 1A. Pedals are Lyotard with Christophe toe clips

Zeus bike

Rear view. Those are Zeus Alfa brakes and levers


Close up of the Zeus crankset and front derailleur

Zeus bike

Close up of the downtube, showing the Zeus shifters and Reynolds decal