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Miche bottom brackets

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On this page: 68mm x 107mm English-threaded BB

The Miche Company (official name Fac Michelin Spa) was started in 1919 by Ferdinando Michelin when he began making bicycles and components. His son Italo and grand-nephew Luigi currently run the firm. There no relationship between Fac Michelin and the Michelin tire people.

The company is headquartered in San Vendemiano (close to Treviso), Italy. The city is directly north of Venice and next to Conegliano, where Modolo is located.

Miche makes a wide range of bicycle components: cranksets, bottom brackets, hubs, pedal, sprockets.

Miche 68mm x 107mm English-threaded bottom bracket. New, $30.00/each

Part# 63234

  • This bottom bracket weighs 272g.
  • The design of the bottom bracket allows for an adjustable chain line.

Miche bottom bracket

Simple, clean design.

Michae bottom bracket

End view