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The Lambert bikes of the early 1970s (they began making bikes around 1972) were an impressive attempt to make a low-cost lightweight bike. The thin-wall straight-guage chromoly tubes were usually fillet-brazed, though the first production, made in the old Viking factory, was lugged.

The company was purchased by "Trusty" in about 1976 and the bikes were re-branded "Viscount". The claimed weight for bikes sold with sew-ups was a mere 19 pounds. We don't know if that weight is accurate, but our memory is that Lambert & Viscount bikes were very light, especially since they sold for about $135.00 in the early 1970s.

The bike had a major problem, the aluminum fork with a steel steerer was prone to failure. The forks were all recalled by the company's final owner, Yamaha. Tange steel forks were offered to all owners of both Lambert & Viscount bikes.