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Campagnolo ErgoBrain Cyclometers

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Campagnolo ErgoBrain 10 Cyclometer. New, $100.00

Part# 09505

Here is Campagnolo's description: "With ErgoBrain10, we aimed to create a full-scale control unit for your bicycle. A simple "click" on the integrated Ergopower controls gives access to all functions - and you can comfortably monitor any situation without ever having to take your eyes off the road.
To make ErgoBrain10 even more perfect, we have included non-volatile EEPROM memory, which means that set-up data are stored even when the battery is replaced. We have also placed considerable effort on the hardware of this jewel of technology to develop an elegant design, optimal aerodynamic penetration and ideal positioning on the handlebar for readout.
Moreover, for the first time, the pedal cadence magnet is not fitted with an ugly band on the crankset arm but is located inside the Pro·Fit PLUS and Pro·Fit pedals to ensure virtual "invisibility". Technology serving ease of use.

Features include: chainring/cog in use, time, cadence, current speed, average speed, maximum speed, distance covered, total distance, elapsed time, and stopwatch functions for time, maximum and average speeds and distance."

Compatible with 2 x 10 and 3 x 10 drivetrains.

Note: While the ErgoBrain is made to use with Campagnolo Pro Fit pedals that come with cadence sending units, knowledgeable shops can install sending units in other pedals.

CAmpagnolo Ergobrain

The simple-looking but very advanced Campagnolo Ergobrain.

Campagnolo Ergobrain

It's new, in the box.

Campagnolo Ergobrain

And both the main unit and the mounting kit are there.

Mounting kit

The mounting kit.

Campagnolo ErgoBrain 9-speed Cyclometer. Used, $50.00

Campagnolo 9-speed Ergobrain

For just 50 bucks you can have one of the most sophisticated cycle computers ever made.

Campagnolo Ergobrain

Close-up of the main unit/display