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Traditional bicycle odometers - mileage meters

On this page: Sachs-Huret Multito | Beacon 27" wheel bicycle odometer

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Sachs-Huret Multito odometer. Used, $50.00/each

The odometer has two different diameter pulleys, one for 700C wheels and the other for 27".

Sachs-Huret odomoeter

It has a few miles on it.

Sachs Huret Cyclometer

The odometer is driven by a band that goes from the black plastic ring that mounts on the wheel to the odometer's pulley. You can see the two different diameter pulleys for 700C and 27" wheels.

sahcs Huret odometer

From behind.

Huret Mutito

Here's how the Multito mounts and works.

Beacon 27" wheel bicycle mile-meter/odometer. New, $20.00

  • Riders of a certain age will remember this as the only way to know how far one had ridden.
  • For 27-inch wheels

Beacon Mile-Meter

Note that this is for 27" wheels

Bicycle odometer

The back of the package with mounting directions