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Polar Heart Monitors

Polar Heart Monitors on this page: Polar A1

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Polar A1 Heart Rate Monitor. New, $50.00/each

The Polar A1 was designed for both the beginning exerciser new to heart rate based workouts and the dedicated trainer looking for a simple monitor with few distractions.

One button operation and bold numbers make it easy to use during any exercise. It tracks heart rate and exercise time continuously. It provides your average heart rate at the end of your workout so you can track fitness improvements.

Main Features:

  • Continuous heart rate
  • Timer
  • Visual Indicator of exercise time
  • Average heart rate

Polar a! heart rate monitor

New, in the box.

Polar Heart rate monitor

Here's how it is packed inside the box

Polar heart rate monitor

Close-up of the chest band and and wrist unit.

Polar Heart Rate monitor

Info on the back of the box