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Cateye GameBike GB100 home trainer for Sony Playstation. New, $500.00

From Wikipedia: "Game Bike is the name of an interactive fitness device first invented and patented by Edward H. (Ted) Parks, M.D. in 2000. Dr. Parks sold the rights to his patent to Cateye Co Ltd, a Japanese company with expertise in electronic bicycle accessories, such as bike lights and speedometers. Cateye's initial embodiment of Parks' design used a traditional bicycle attached to what they referred to as their GB100 system. The front tire was placed into a turn style platform that was used to read direction. Sensors were placed on the rear wheel which was mounted in a bicycle trainer to measure the speed. Cateye Co Ltd. first started production of the Game Bike in the GB100 form.

The version we have for sale is the original GB100 produced in Japan by Cateye

Cateye Game Bike

Box cover

Cateye Gamebike

The controller that sits on the handlebars

Gamebike controls

Another view of the controls showing the mounting hardware.

Gamebike controls

The back of the GameBike controller

Front wheel holder

The front wheel sits in this mount

Gateye Gamebike front wheel holder

Another view of the front wheel holder

Cateye Gamebike

The various small parts and hookups needed to bring the GameBike to life.


The system set up. The rear wheel sits in a trainer with a sensor mounted on it to monitor speed..


Our Gambike is all new and in the original factory box.


An explantion of what a GameBike is.


An easier to read close-up


What you get and what you need. The website posted on the box is no longer working.

CAteye Game Bike

Our Game Bike is made for Sony Playstations