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Vintage Components - Ofmega hubs

On this page: Ofmega Competizione 36-hole front hub

Ofmega was an Italian component maker that thrived in the 1980s and 1990s, though it history predates the 1960s. The firm made parts of almost every quality, from inexpensive consumer components to items suitable for professional competition. The firm did a lot of private-label manufacturing, making items for Avocet, Colnago, Bianchi and others.

Its high-end parts are as well-made as any in the world and deserve serious consideration.

Its demise is as difficult to piece together as its origins, but the firm looks to be a victim of Asian competition, and folded sometime about 2005.

Ofmega Competizione 36-hole low-flange front hub. Used, $30.00

Part# HB-30

Produced in the late 1970s

Ofmega Competitizone front hub

Excellent finish, world-class quality

Ofmega front hub

You can see that the hub was built up.