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Cateye bicycle lights & lighting systems

Cateye bicycle lights & accessories on this page:
Volt 100 rechargeable headlight
Rear Lights:
Reflex tail light | TL510 seatpost-mount rear light
Other lights: Orbit spoke light
Power supply: Power supply kit

Replacement light bulbs are posted here.

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Cateye Volt 100 rechargeable headlight. New, $35.00/each

  • Comes with Lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • USB rechargeable
  • Comes with USB cable
  • Three modes: High / Low / Flashing

We have two: Teal | Pink

Teal Volt 100 rechargeable headlight. New, $35.00/each

Part# 02036-T

CAteye Volt headlight

Like all Cateye products, nicely designed.

Cateye front headlamp

Here's the front of the lamp

CAteye Volt headlamp

The back of the lamp

Cateye Volt headlight

The back of the box with more product info

Pink Volt 100 rechargeable headlight. New, $35.00/each

Part# 02036-P

Cateye Volt headlight

New, in the box

Cateye Volt headlight

The front of the light

Cateye front light

Here's the back of the light

Cateye Volt headlight

The back of the box with more info.

Cateye Reflex Tail light. New, $30.00

Part# 02065

  • A great light to attach to a luggage rack.

Reflex tail light

Rear rack bracket is included

Cateye TL510 seatpost-mount rear light. New, $10.00/each

Part# 02046

Mounts on seat post

CAteye TL510 rear light

Simple, clean design

Cateye tail lamp

The back of the lamp, showing the seatpost mounting strap & hardware.

Cateye tailamp

Side view. For better visability the lamp has side lights as well.

Cateye rear lamp

Here are the directions.

Cateye teailight

Here's the side of the box.

Cateye Orbit Spoke Light. New, $6.00/each

Part# 02083

We have thirty in stock

Cateye spoke light

Spinning spoke lights catch attention

Cateye orbit spoke light

Here's the same spoke light flipped over.

Cateye Power Supply Kit. New, $25.00/each

Part# 02104

  • Fits in water bottle cage.
  • Carries four "D" sized batteries

Cateye Power Supply Kit

New, in its factory packaging

Cateye Power Supply

Here it is, out of its box.

Cateye power supply

You can see how the four batteries fit inside.

Cateye Power supply

Here's the side of the box with more specs.

Cateye Power Supply

You can see how the pack mounts on the bike.