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Cygolite bicycle lights & lighting systems

Cygolite bicycle lights & accessories on this page:
Headlights: HotShot Micro headlight | Night Rover dual-beam headlight
Tailights: Hotrod tailight | Quad Mode tailight

Replacement light bulbs are posted here.

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Cygolite HotShot Micro headlight. New, $40.00/each

Part# 13186

Cygolite HotShot headlight

USB rechargeable

Cygolite HotShot

More specs and directions on the back of the package.

Cygolite HotShot light

Side View

Cygolite HotShot light

And here's the other side of the package

CygoLite Night Rover 12-Watt rechargeable dual-beam headlight. New, $50.00/each

Part# 02054

  • Nickel metal hydride battery
  • Equipped with water bottle battery that fits in bottle cage.

Cygolite Night Rover

Bright halogen lamps

Cygolite Night Rover Bicycle Light

Here's the system: lights, battery & recharger

Cygolight Night Rover headlight

The back of the package with more info.

Cygolite Night Rover headlight

A bit more info

Cygolite Hotrod rechargeable tailight. New, $45.00/each

Part# 13185

Cygolite Hotrod

So bright it has a warning not to look directly into the light.

Cygolite rear light

Lots more info on the back of the package.

Cygolite Hotrod

The side of the package has more specs.

Cygolite Quad Mode rear light. New, $15.00

Part# 02047

Cygolite Quande Mode

Be safe and been seen!

Cygolite Quad Mode light

Optional seat post mount is not included.

Cygolite Quad Mode

Here's just the light.

Cygolite Quad Mode

And the back of the light.