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Reelight bicycle lights & lighting systems

Reelight bicycle lights & accessories on this page: City lightset | SL120 Power Backup lightset | SL120 Flash Backup light set | Go Combo head and taillight set

Replacement light bulbs are posted here.

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About Reelight: The firm posted this: "Reelight is a Danish design brand located in Aarhus, Denmark. It was established with a passion for making life safer in an easier way in 2003 by Jochum Kirsebom. We create bike lights suitable for modern society always on the go and our lights are made with a love for Northern aesthetics and for a simpler way of living. Our lights remove one very worrying concern in daily life, namely the concern of remembering your bike lights and thereby staying safe. It is a small thing; however, it is a small thing making a huge difference in making daily life simpler, safer and easier to live.

"Our battery free bike lights [Ed: Not all Reelight systems are battery-free] come in many different designs suitable for different bike types and needs. Our lights are easy to mount, requires no special tools and best of all – they work without batteries. We have something suitable for every bike type whether you have a regular city bike, a road bike or an MTB.

"You should choose a set of battery free bike lights from Reelight if you are tired of replacing or recharging the batteries on your old bike lights. Our lights are permanently mounted on the bicycle and will turn on and power off automatically. There is simply no need for a power switch since the system adds no noticeable drag to the ride and will not slow you down. In fact, you can just forget about your lights knowing that they are always powered on when you need them to be. As a bonus you will also have light on your bike during daytime which studies shows is a lot safer!"

Reelight City Lightset. New, $25.00/set

Part# 00222

  • We have four sets in stock.
  • Will not work on bikes with carbon rims.
  • These lights have an integrated micro-dynamo so the movement of the wheel generates light whenever the rim turns, with no batteries, no contact, and no friction. Brilliant!

Reelight lightset

Really, no batteries!

Reelight City Lights

Here's the back of the package with more info.

Reelight SL120 Power Backup front & back lightset. New, $100.00/set

Part# 00216

  • We have three sets in stock
  • These lights will keep working for two minutes after you have stopped riding.

Reelight SL120 lightset

New, in the box.

Reelight SL120

Here's what's in the box.

Reelight SL120 light system

Another view of the Reelight SL120 light system

Reelight SL 120

The back of the box with more info.

Rellight card

Close-up of the explanation.

Reelight award

It is an award-winning light system.

Reelight SL120 Flash Backup light set. New, $80.00/set

Part# 00215

  • We have two sets in stock
  • Battery-free and friction-free.
  • Will not work on bikes with disc or roller brakes.
  • Continues flashing for a short while after you stop.

Reelight SL120 Flash Backup lightset

These lights flash off and on. No batteries.

Reelight SL120 Flash

Here's the lightset.

Reelight SL120 lightset

Anther view of the lights.

Reelight SL120 Flash lights

More info from the back of the package.

Reelight Go Combo head and taillight set. New, $40.00/set

Part# 00219

Note: This lightset uses batteries. It uses four CR2032 lithium batteries (included).

Reelight GO is created for intuitive use and easy storage, accommodating modern lifestyle on the go. Reelight GO uses magnets for easy fastening, effortlessly clicking onto a magnetic base which is permanently mounted on the handlebar and seat post. Once connected the light turns on automatically. When not in use the front and rear lights connect magnetically into one compact unit that can be kept in a pocket or bag.

Reelight Go Combo

Here's the package. No tools needed to install it.

Reelights Go combo

Inside the box, the lights and their handlebar and seatpost mounts

Reelight Go combo

The lights and mounts out of their box.

Reelight Go combo

Headlight and taillight. When not in use, they can be made into one piece that sticks together magnetically for easy storage or transport away from the bike.