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Zoonimal bicycle lights & lighting systems

Zoonimal bicycle lights & accessories on this page: Cat headlight | Cow headlight | Lion headlight | Panda headlight | Pig headlight | USB-rechargeable Monkey headlight | Zoonimal light statistics

Replacement light bulbs are posted here.

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Zoonimal LED Cat headlight. New, $30.00

Part# 02020

Zoonimal Cat

What fun!

Zoonimal cat

A better view with the plastic lid removed.

Zoonimal cat light

Side view. You can see how it fits over the handlebar.


From behind.

Zoonimal Cat light

Side view in the box

Zoonimal cat light

From the other side.

Zoonimal LED Cow headlight. New, $30.00/each

Part# 02022

We have four in stock

Zoonimal Cow headlight

Nice of the maker to put her on some grass.

Zoonimal cow

A clearer shot with the lid removed.

Zoonimal LED Cow light

From the other side

Zoonimal cow headlight

From the side

Zoonial LED cow light

From the top

Zoonimal LED Lion headlight. New, $30.00/each

Part# 02024

Zoonimal LED lion headlight

Front view, in its factory packaging

Zoonimal Lion headlight

The lion let out of his cage.

Zoonimal lion light

Side view. Note, the battery is included

Zoonimal bicycle headlight

From behind

Zoonimal LED Panda headlight. New, $30.00/each

Part# 02021

Panda Headlight

New, in its factory packaging

Zoonimal Panda headlight

With the clear plastic cover removed.

Zoonimal Panda

Side view

Zoonimal Panda headlight

From the other side

Zoonimal Panda headlight

From behind

Zoonimal LED Pig headlight. New, $30.00/each

Part# 02023

Pig headlight

How about a pig headlight?

Pig Headlight

Without the protective plastic cover.


Side view

Pig headlight

From behind

Zoonimal USB-rechargeable LED Monkey headlight. New, $40.00/each

Part# 02018

Monkey headlight

You can recharge this light.

Zoonimal Monkey light

A better view with the cover removed.

Monkey Headlight

Three-quarter view

Monkey Headlight

Side view

Zoonimal LED bike light

From behind.


Side view with the packaging

Zoonimal monkey

The other side.

Zoonimal Monkey

From behind

Zoonimal light specs:

Zoonimal specs

Set of stats #1


Set of stats #2