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Bicycle lighting, accessories, reflectors & reflective vests

On this page:
Wheel Lights: Tire Sparx valve cover lights
Light accessories: IRD Fork mount for light | Velox rubber generator wheel cover
Reflectors: Mini reflectors
Reflective vests & straps: Sunlite reflective vest | Sunlight LED arm/legband

Replacement light bulbs are posted here.

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D'Light Flasher Handlebar LED Lightset. New, $20.00/set

Part# 02091

D'Light handlebar light

Fit right in your bar ends.

Bar end light directions

Here are the installation directions.

Tire Sparx Valve Cover lights. New, $10.00/set

Part# 02087

Tire Sparx

Another way to be seen.

Tire Sparx va;ve covers

Here's how they work.

IRD Fork mount for light. New, $30.00

The wonderful website gives the best expanation of the wonderful adapter: "A neat way to mount a front light is to change your quick release nut to one of these. While the front wheel provides some light interference, the majority of the beam can still light your way. These axle mounts can be used at the rear too if your light is able to rotate 90 degrees."

Here's the manufacturer's description:

IRD Hub QR Nut Light Perch

  • Safely replaces the QR skewer nut to provide a mount for light
  • Precision machined aluminum
  • Length 65mm, barrel diameter 25mm, dropout contact area diameter 19mm
  • Longer and bigger diameter barrel than Nitto Lamp Bracket
  • Locates light closer to ground for improved, high-relief view of road
  • Not compatible with certain forks, particularly suspension forks or designs without clearance for dropout contact area
  • For use as QR nut light mount only, no transverse loads. It is NOT a BMX peg

IRD fork mount adapter

Here is the part. Quite simple

IRD light fork mount

Here is how it works. The pictured adapter is a different brand, but the concept is the same. photo

IRD light mount

Another view of the adapter

IRD fork mount for light

From the other end

IRD fork light adapter

Standing up

Velox rubber generator wheel cover/hood. New, $10.00/each

Part# 02094

  • We have five in stock.
  • This rubber cover goes over the little wheel on a generator to both reduce tire wear and give the wheel more "grab" on the tire.

Velox covers

Sunlite mini reflectors. New, $1.25 each reflector.

Part# 02001

Mini reflectors

Sunlite reflective vest. New, $15.00

Part# 00125

  • We have three in stock
  • Bright orange
  • Reflective yellow striping
  • One size fits all

Sunlite reflective cycling vest

Front view

Sunlite reflective vest

Back view.

Sunlite reflective vest.

Here it is, doing its job, reflecting.

Sunlite reflective vest

Side view. It has an adjustable strap on each side with a snap-clasp for an easy on and easy off.

Sunlite LED Arm/Legband. New, $15.00/each

Part# 00123

We have four in stock

Sunlight LED Arm/legband

Another way to help being seen.

Sunlight LED arm/legband

Here's the back of the header card with more information.