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Accessories - Silca Floor Pumps

Silca floor pumps on this page: Super Pista Limited Edition

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Since 1917, SILCA has been the global leader in high-performance pumps for cycling. The Pista Floor Pump embodies that heritage. A high-performance, durable, compact floor pump that easily reaches all tire pressure requirements while being small enough to live in the trunk of a car or hang/stand flat against the wall taking up minimal space.

Originally designed in the 1950's when the Bianchi-Pirelli team requested a pump that could fit under the rear seat of the Fiat team car, the Pista pump quickly became an icon of professional team cars and mechanic workstations at 6-Day track events around the world.  The compact form of the pump, and ability to lay completely flat, allow the pump to take up minimal space in a trunk, duffel bag, or larger tool kit, making it a true icon of the sport amongst the cycling cognoscenti.

Silca Super Pista Limited Edition floor pump. New, $150.00/each

Part# 13215

  • Long filler hose with integrated Schrader chuck
  • Push-on Presta chuck
  • Rated to 220psi

Silca Super Pista floor pump

The big Ash wooden handle makes the job up pumping up tires much easier.

Silca Super Pista floor pump

Looking down at the gauge.

Super pista gauge

The gauge is reads both PSI and BAR (metric, in atmospheres)

Super Pista pump head

And the presta/schrader pump head

Silca pump head

Here's a better close-up of the schrader/presta pump head combo.