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SKS RideAir refillable air cartridge. New, $70.00

Part # 13181

Here's the manufacturer's description: The SKS Rideair is the first refillable cartridge from SKS Germany for when you are on the road. Emergency roadside assistance! It fills your tires in seconds without effort. Simply refill the canister at home using your floor pump. This simple and environmentally friendly solution can be safely transported in the bottle cage, making it ideal for all E-bikers and comfort fans. This air reservoir is also a must have for tubeless bikers: it saves space and sets up almost all tubeless tires.

  • Weight: 450 grams
  • Length: 262 mm

SKS air tank

Use this like a CO2 cartridge, but when you are done, you can refill it with your floor pump and use it again.