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Accessories - Topeak frame pumps

Topeak frame pumps on this page: Road Morph G

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Topeak Road Morph G frame pump with gauge. New, $45.00/eeach

Part# 13183

  • We have 60 in stock
  • This is a brilliantly designed frame pump. It can be used as a floor pump with its little flip-down foot pad, folding handle and flexible hose, making it much easier to inflate high-pressure tires to full pressure.
  • The thumb-lock pump head will work on Presta, Schrader & Dunlop valves.
  • Weight: 220 grams/7.74 oz
  • Comes with mounting bracket.

Topeak frame pump

New, on its header card. The line drawing on the card shows how it work. And yes, it is a frame pump.

Topeak Road morph floor pump

Here it is with its foot pad flipped down and its handle flipped up. There is a pressure gauge on the chuck. The pump bracket is on the header card.

Topeak Road Morph G frame pump

Close-up of the chuck with its pressure gauge and thumb-lock.

Topeak pump

Here's the pump mounted on a downtube.

Topeak Road morph frame pump

Back of the header card with more info.