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Vintage & vintage-style bicycle frame pumps & accessories

Vintage bicycle frame pumps on this page: England pump w/schrader-compatible air hose | Britannialloy Schrader Valve frame pump | BikeExtras pump w/schrader-compatible air hose

Accessories: Vintage downtube pump clip | Pair of vintage downtube frame pump clips

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England Hand Pump with schrader-compatible air hose. Used, $60.00/each

  • We are pretty sure the pump came off an old Raleigh 3-speed bike.
  • We don't know the name of the factory this pump was made in.
  • This pump works, but for better functioning, the leather should probably be replaced or a slightly wider washer installed to flare the existing leather out a little more.
  • It is made of aluminum.
  • Uncompressed, the pump is about 41cm long.
  • Perfect for a finishing touch on a vintage British bike restoration

England hand pump

Here is the pump with the hose in place to pump up a tire.

Englad hand pump

The hose is stored in the pump piston handle

England hand pump

It is made in England.

England alloy pump

Here is the pump hose in place, ready to inflate a tire with a schrader-valve tube.

Britannialloy Schrader Valve frame pump. Used, $50.00/each

  • Britannialloy made bike parts into the 1960s.

Britannialloy pump

We can't date this pump, but we do know that it was made a long time ago.

Britannialloy frame pump

Close-up of the maker's trademark.

BikExtras hand pump with schrader-compatible hose. New, $10.00/each

  • We have three in stock.
  • This pump is modern production, but it is perfect for that retro-bike that needs a period-correct style of frame pump.

BikeExtrasand pump

The pump with its hose stashed inside the handle.

BikeExtras frame pump

The pump with its hose in place to pump up a tire.

BikeExtras frame pump

The pump/hose connection

Vintage Downtube Pump Clip. Used, $20.00/each

Vintage pump clip

From another time.

Vintage pump clip

Here it is turned over.

Vintage pump clip

From the top.

Pair of Vintage Downtube Pump Clips. Used, $20.00/Pair

Vintage pump clips

These are being sold as a set.

Vintage pump clips

Top and bottom view.