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Bicycle racks & cargo carriers for car, truck and home

For the car:

Yakima racks: Space Booster roof-mounted luggage box | Crossbars for Audi Q5 cars, years 2009 - 2016 | Treadhead spare-tire mounted bike rack

Sunlite: Crossbar adapter (attachable top tube)

For a pickup truck: Narrow Truckbed Rack

For Home:
Feedback Sports: Rakk single-bike storage rack

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Yakima Space Booster roof-mounted luggage box. Lightly used, $200.00/each

We not longer have the keys, but one should be able to get a matching key (#150) from a dealer, or perhaps from Yakima direct.

Mounting instructions are here.

Yakima Space Booster

The Space Booster with its mounting hardware.

Yakma Space Booster

From a different angle

Yakima Space Booster

Here's just the cargo box.

Yakima Space Booster

The Space Booster turned on its side.

Yakima Space Booster

Here's the mounting hardware.

Yakima car rack

Here's how it mounts. It attaches to a car top rack.

Yakima-compatible crossbars for Audi Q5 cars, model years 2009 - 2016. New, $100.00/set

  • These crossbars are not made by Yakima, but they are compatible with Yakima racks.

Yakma crossbars

Here are the crossbars.

Yakima crossbars

The crossbars rotated for a different view.

Yakma crossbar

Crossbar/Rack interface


Mounting wrench

Yakima crossbars

Here's how they come wrapped from the factory.


Mounting specs

Yakma directions


Yakima Treadhead partial spare-tire mounted bike rack. Used, $50.00/each

  • This is a partial Treadhead bike rack. The pictures below explain the posting.
  • Produced in the 1990s
  • If you have a spare-tire on the back of your vehicle, our Locking TreadHead is the secure way to transport your bikes
  • Two bike capacity (maximum)
  • Rack mounts to a plate behind the spare-tire and goes on and off the vehicle with the turn of a crank

Yak9ma Treadhead bike rack

How the spare-tire bike rack works

Yakima bike rack

Here is the part of the rack that is for sale.

Yakima bike rack

Another view of the partial rack.

Yakima bike rack

This is the part that is missing from the rack,

Yakima rack

Here is how it started.

SunLite Top Tube Adaptor - removable top tube. New, $30.00/each

Part# 07623

  • We have nine in stock.

These acts as a removable top tube. So, if you have a trunk or rear rack and a bike with an unconventional frame (such as a full-suspension or ladies bike), you probably need Sunlite's Crossbar Adapter. Vinyl-coated hooks on either end hold your bike and act as a "top tube" for easy transportation. In the middle, a quick-release telescoping adjustment ensures the Crossbar Adapter will fit almost any bike.

Sunlite crossbar adapter

Here's how it works. A bike without a top tube can be easily carried on a rear rack.

Sunlite top tue adapter

Here's what it looks like off the bike.

Sunlite top tube adapter

Here's one end showing the quick-release lock on the sliding length extender.

Narrow Truckbed Rack from unknown maker, 56 1/2" to 61". Used, $70.00/each

  • We don't know who made this rack.

Truckbed carrier

Here's the rack.

Bike carrier

One of the fork mounts

Truckbed bike carrier

The adjustable end.

Bike carrier

Here's the adjustable end extended.

Feedback Sports Rakk single bike home storage rack. New, $52.00/each

Part# 07605

  • Spring arm holds bike by front or rear wheel
  • 3-point contact secure the wheel by gripping the tire
  • Secures a wide range of bike wheel sizes: MTB/BMX/Road
  • We have four in stock.

Feedback sports bike stand

Here's the box with lots of info.

Feedback sports bike rack

The rack.

Feedback sports bike rack

The rack folded up.

Feedback Sports bike rack

Here it is doing the job it was designed for.